Extremely Intelligent Core

Accurate Recognition

Efficient and Stable


1. Newly designed LED light source, low power consumption and low heat. Solve the uneven illumination caused by the high temperature of the lamp;

2. Independent intellectual property design to solve the wear of ore particles on the traditional chute, and the impact of skipping on camera recognition

3. The highly sensitive CCD sensor has 5340 pixels and 12K scanning speed. With a unique scanning method, the machine can select 120 mesh particles.

4. The imported solenoid valve has a frequency of 1200 Hz and has a high-speed response. The power is low, the gas loss is small, and the working life is long. It can be continuously energized for a long time to ensure the stable mass production of the machine;



5.Using high-definition 4K full-color lens, large aperture, small distortion and high resolution;

6. The fully enclosed sorting box design creates a dust-free working environment for the camera. Solve the problem of camera dust entering due to the long time sorting due to the improper sealing of the sorting box

7. Double-layer sorting technology is adopted to solve multiple sorting at one time

8. According to the different causes of dust, design the vacuum device in a targeted manner