The main factors for the rapid development of color sorters in our country

The main factors for the rapid development of color sorters in our country

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my country is not only a country with a large population, but also a country that produces food and oil, but is also a country that consumes food and oil. Food is the priority for the people, the continuous development of grain and oil processing, and the improvement of processing level is an eternal theme. Therefore, the grain and oil machinery industry is an important part of the grain and oil industry.

It is understood that in 2010, the value of grain through processing was about 30%, and the proportion of deep processing increased to about 15%. According to expert estimates, my country’s total rice consumption is about 180 million tons, and the proportion of rice milling enterprises that process more than 100 tons of rice a day has increased by 12%, which is equivalent to an expansion of the processing market by more than 20 million tons.

With the rapid development of my country’s economy, the domestic market’s demand for the high-end grain and oil machinery market has continued to increase. In addition, in recent years, the country and the government have attached great importance to the development of the grain and oil machinery market and issued many preferential policies. The machine industry brings new development opportunities.

Grain machinery cluster in a major grain-producing province

From the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, China’s grain machinery manufacturing was only able to produce simple conveying machinery, and now it has developed from the post-harvest drying, cleaning, storage and transportation, and primary processing of grain and oil crops, such as rice and wheat (2747, -2.00, -0.07). %), the design, manufacture and installation of grease, feed, food machinery products; from the main engine, auxiliary equipment, special accessories to complete sets of rice, flour, grease, feed large, medium and small production lines, and a complete set of automated electrical control systems.

The 1990s was a decade of rapid development of China's grain industry, which led to the rapid rise of the grain machinery industry. At the same time, foreign grain machinery manufacturers have also entered China one after another, either investing in building factories or opening offices. This also provides a great opportunity for domestic grain machinery manufacturers to learn and develop.

After more than 40 years of continuous development in my country’s grain machinery industry, especially in the past ten years, a good foundation has been established, and a number of backbone group grain machinery manufacturing enterprises (such as Zhengchang Group, Muyang Group, Zhonghe Company, Nuclear Power Industrial Engineering Research Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Xiangliang Company), and these enterprises and products have enjoyed a good reputation in the international and domestic markets.

As consumers have higher and higher requirements for food and food quality, the automation of food processing equipment and the refinement of the food processing process have promoted the higher and higher technological content and specialization of food processing machinery. Production requires quite strong collaboration and supporting capabilities, and it is difficult for ordinary domestic machinery manufacturing companies to get involved.

Among them, China's color sorting machines have developed rapidly, especially in rice processing, which has officially entered a period of rapid growth. There are more and more domestic manufacturers, more and more varieties and specifications, and more and more functions. From the earliest small channel The model developed into a large channel model, from the original single-selection function to simultaneous selection. "So far, there have been more than 20 brands or manufacturers in China's color sorting market, most of which are concentrated in Hefei, Anhui." A person in the color sorting machine industry told the grain and oil market reporter.

It is understood that China's grain machinery enterprises are mainly concentrated in large agricultural provinces and developed regions, such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Henan, Shandong and other provinces.

Jiangsu can be said to be the main producing area of China's grain machinery manufacturing, while Wuxi can be said to be the center city of China's grain machinery production. Wuxi Grain Machinery Factory, founded in 1956, is the cradle of China's grain machinery industry. It was originally a joint venture of 12 small food machinery factories including Licheng Machinery Factory, Xieguang Iron Factory, and Jianxin Machinery Factory.

In 1994, Wuxi Buhler Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established hand in hand with the internationally renowned multinational group-Swiss Buhler International Co., Ltd. Over the years of the joint venture, the profits and taxes generated by the company have grown rapidly.

Due to the advanced manufacturing of the grain machinery industry clusters, it drives the development of local grain and oil processing technology, and creates higher economic and technical indicators with lower production costs. In other words, the grain and oil processing technology of these provinces has become a demonstration of China's grain and oil processing technology transformation, which is mainly attributed to the backing of strong grain machinery enterprises.

In recent years, Anlu's grain and oil machinery industry in Hubei has developed rapidly. After the restructuring of the local enterprises, technological updates, industrial upgrades, product development and other efficiency have developed rapidly. "Bühler" and other internationally renowned brands are comparable.

Platform to create a win-win situation

Under the new situation of accelerating economic globalization, intensifying market competition and my country’s entry into the "WTO", my country’s grain and oil processing machinery industry is facing new opportunities and new challenges in the international and domestic markets. Accelerating the implementation of the "going out" strategy has become A very important strategic task for the grain and oil processing machinery manufacturing industry.

An important development trend of the world’s manufacturing industry is to use high technology to transform traditional industries. my country’s grain machinery industry is not only facing important opportunities for new industrialization, but also at an important stage of industrial upgrading. As long as it is good at grasping opportunities, capturing business opportunities, and continuously improving grain machinery The technological content of the product, the improvement of the quality, the improvement of the technology, and the acceleration of the product upgrading process can expand the larger market space.