What factors may affect the use effect of rice color sorter?

What factors may affect the use effect of rice color sorter?

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During the storage of rice, due to heat and other reasons, some of the rice will deteriorate and become yellow grain rice. Yellow grain rice contains ingredients harmful to the human body. In addition to yellow grain rice, white belly grains, blackheads, water yellow grains, small stones and other impurities in rice, finished products not only affect the commodity value of rice, but also affect the health of consumers. It may be rejected using a color sorter.

Compared with manual selection, the rice color sorter not only saves labor, time, efficiency, and processing cost, but also improves the quality, economic and social benefits of the selected products.

1. Working environment: normal temperature, normal pressure, ventilated, dry, dark, dust-free place.

2. Ideal working temperature: 50C~350C.

3. Air flow: air compressor, air storage tank, filter, color sorter solenoid valve.

4. The color sorter usually works at 0.2MPa. Voltage: air compressor 380V, 50Hz. Color sorter: 220V, 50Hz.

5. Zhongrui Microvision's small intelligent color CCD rice color sorter can process 0.6-1 tons of rice per hour.

What are the factors that may affect the use of rice color selection?

The factors that affect the effect of the color sorter have many aspects, including internal and external factors such as the debugging of the color sorter, the selection and placement of the color sorter, and product quality. This article explains in detail the influence of product quality on the color sorting effect of the color sorter, and helps users to judge the normal operation of the color sorter.

The selected materials contain a lot of impurities and mixed materials with inconsistent colors. This causes more air to be used in the production process. The air supply is increased invisibly, and the machine will display insufficient air pressure at this time. It is necessary to reduce the sensitivity or reduce the production flow to ensure that the rice color sorter can maintain a stable air pressure to promote normal operation.

The selected material contains few impurities. The sensitivity of the rice color sorter is lowered. If the background board is not properly debugged, the air consumption of the equipment will increase sharply, and the air supply will be large. At this time, the machine will also display insufficient air pressure. It is necessary to adjust the background plate of the color sorter again, change the slope height of the background plate, and ensure the normal operation of the rice color sorter.